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Hi All,

I'm going to show you a basic layout, moving away from tiles or half drop tiles as a
layout for your art. I know I'm jumping the gun here, going way ahead of the learning
process and I promise to go back to the basics, but I wanted an example of an over view
of what is possible so you can start to see your work a bit differently.

I will start with a basic painting. It measures about 28" high and 18" wide.
It was painted on China silk about 8mm with dye thickener and I let dry between colors. The actual technique is not what this blog is about but I thought I'd throw that in there. This blog is about layout.
Instead of a basic tile configuration for a repeat, either stacked or half dropped stacked as shown below....
What I want you to consider is to see the design in a different way. Take the image and fade the edges so they are not as harsh, and think of the repeated images as layers. I have taken the image and softened the edges so they can blend when I put them next to each other. As you will see in a moment. I then created another separate image from the big image by "copying" and then "pasting" the image into the canvas. I made the image smaller and used smaller buds on purpose. Design wise it just is more appealing to the eye. So here is a look at the images with softer edges.

Next is the image with the above flowers just copied and pasted about 10 times each to create the layout of the new art.
I arranged them in such a way for a fabric design, I can continue to copy and paste the images until the width of the fabric is full
its usually about 45-54 " wide. I might be done with this if I wanted a large scale design. Smaller scale designs need more repeats.

This one is not done by any stretch of the imagination, but you can see where its going. If you like a tile look, great but if not I have another option for you. Begin to look at your beautiful art and see it as fabric, an all over design with no clunky edges.
You can tell I prefer the blended edges to the tiles, don't let me persuade you, you decide how you like your garment. This is just a suggestion and a new way to see your work.

till next time
Be Well and love your art!




Connie Duke
Date: 9/12/2016
This is so helpful!
pip earl
Date: 9/13/2016
awesome, your style is SO much better that tiles!!!
Date: 9/13/2016
I'm so glad Connie Pip, stay tuned! more to come

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