Posted by Julie Jennings on 9/16/2016 to Education
Hi All

Some of you have already chosen your garment and had something in mind from the start, for
those of you looking for an idea, I have presented a few here. Imagine your art in place of mine,
the colors and layout. Do you want an all over print or a border at the bottom? I'll help you through
this process.

V neck caftan style tunic, with a draw string giving a bit of shape, long enough to wear as a short dress or over pants or skirt.
Round neck is an option or if you do not want the draw string, let me know.

Pull over loose fitting tunic dress, modified V neck front and back. The neckline has a small
facing, narrow hem.

this one is really fun because it is so easy to adapt to any length, decide how long you want it, the size
is determined by the distance of the arm holes. Belt it, wear with a contrasting top, make it really long
duster style. So fashionable !!

This jacket is loose fitting and un structured, a nice drape to the front collar and uneven hem, really artsy!

I did not put in the scarves or wraps, if you want a shawl to match any of these let me know, we could use the same colors but
vary the scale to larger or smaller, maybe a border on the scarf. 

Have fun putting this together!

till next time,
be well and love your art!




Date: 9/17/2016
The possibilities are endless!! thanks for that blog. I am going to stick with just a 4 metre length to start with , thanks.. Am i pushing the friendship to get my flowers a tiny bit pinker than they are?? if too tricky, its ok.. pip.. xxxx is Picasa as good as photoshop????

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