Posted by Julie Jennings on 10/4/2016 to Education
Hi All,

With this blog post I want to explain how something very simple can become an all over print for fabric.

I will demonstrate with a simple flower and leaf stem I painted on silk.

The Flower:

And the leaf:
Can then when placed together can become a group or cluster:

It is the same flower and leaf, copied and re-colored and re-sized to create the composition. So when you think about the art you want to use to make your fabric remember that the most basic can become as complex as you like. In the next blog post I will show you how this can become an all over textile design or a placement design. The difference between the two, all over or a placement, is the amount of times the motif is copied. A placement print is copied one time and placed strategically on a garment. A good example of this is a T-shirt. For an all over print the ground is completely filled in a balanced and multi directional way.

I enjoy all your feedback, let me know if you have any questions.

till next time,

Love Your Art!



Date: 10/4/2016
hi Juliianne, how is my fabric coming along, my seamstress has big plans for a dress for melbourne cup day 4/11/16, hoping to use the fabric from u!! a month away!!xxx pip

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