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Hi All

There are many forms that a fashion business needs to maintain, one is a line sheet, a quick glance product image with all the information that makes it easy for a buyer to make choices. Typically one page.

Each season there are essential pieces of information that needs to be done, to stay organized, to offer insights and to relay a message of content.

When a new product is developed it needs to be sketched, I sketch in black and white with no fabric design included.

I make a pattern- small pattern as if I am making Barbie doll clothes! From there if all goes as planned I plan the pattern real size (Melissa size) and figure the yardage.

Once I know the yardage I can figure the cost and based on this I plan on adding it to the line if it meets the business model. ie: is it profitable and cost reasonable at the retail level.

If it meets the plan I then create a series of worksheets.

A profit sheet, costs of everything is included, thread to sales commissions.

 A "marker",  how the pattern pieces fit to the fabric. Its a big puzzle of fitting the pattern to the direction of the print.

A sewing sheet describing to the seamstress how I want the garment made, step by step. This is complete with finished measurements, Points of Measure.

A line sheet is updated, any new garments are added to the line, some taken out.

These worksheets are done for each garment.

Here is my line sheet for 2017. These are the prints I will produce that will pair with a solid black. Next I will do the sets that pair with off-white.

Love your Art!




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