Blog 11

Posted by julie on 11/26/2016 to News
Blog 11
I am launching a new fabric to the collection. Its a jersey knit of medium weight, a fall/winter weight with a really nice feel. A non wrinkle, substantial fabric that has the right amount of Lycra to it, just enough to be really comfortable. 

The collection includes 2 dresses. 

The first is a tank dress that has an asymmetrical hemline, side slits, V neck front and back and double darts  Double darts help make the bust line less pointy, I really don't prefer that. The neckline is finished with a full facing front and back.

The second is a long sleeve semi full skirted dress that has a twist of fabric at the front that extends to the front facing. What I like about this dress is the stripe placement for the top bodice, looking like it is a bustier. You may think that I made this dress many times before getting that look. It was purely by "accident" and I didn't notice it until it was on the dress form and I saw it through the camera lens.

The image on the far right is not a dress, its a top and skirt combination which I will mention later in this blog. I do want to point out here the observation that the white stripe from the top matches the white stripe of the skirt. This one is purely intentional, although it matches it is not at all symmetrical which is something I like. Its part of the design element and one I had to work with. The repeat of the fabric is times 2, meaning that if I folded the fabric in half length wise it is identical. Each half is 30" wide which makes for a very large width. Hard to manage this on a production line. I make each piece one at a time, so I can work with the garments and the varying stripe design aspects. 


The top is my version of a crop top as its not intended to be tucked in. It falls gently on the hips covering the waist band of the skirt and pant. It slips on over the head, soft V on the front only. The inset sleeve is tapered to a bell shape at the wrist. I don't have a dart for the smaller bust lines, but for the larger size I will add them. The inside is lined half way down in the front for a smooth neckline, meaning that there is no top stitching. the sleeve and hem is finished with a 3" band, this adds to the quality of the hem by adding stability to the finished edge. 

The bottoms made from this fabric are a wide legged pant and a slim skirt. Both have yolked waist band with a 2.5" non roll elastic band. Super comfortable! I did not put slits in the skirt or a kick pleats in the back. The hem is the same as the top with a 3" facing band in both the skirt and the pant. The skirt has side pockets with a hemline just below the knee. 

The wrap just completes the outfit. It is 75" long and is 50" wide with darts on the shoulder so it has a place to hug your shoulders to help stay put. The stripe placement was really fun with this one. I placed the white lines to they would really show front and back. 

The collections I am working on now will all be paired with black solids, which I will have ready next. A few basic pieces and you can have mix and match ensembles.
Look for the posting of each of these pieces and more to hit the web site this week. 
As always I look forward to hearing your feedback, which of these would you wear? Would you like to see any changes? Do you have a favorite? 

Till next time,

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