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Posted by Julie Jennings on 11/1/2016 to News
Hi to all
November is here, hope you are enjoying your fall!

I have a new dress I'm going to make this week and I'd like your input before I make the pattern.
All feedback is welcome and so very appreciated.

I will offer it in selected prints and a few solids, black and a crème color for sure, the third solid color
is still up in the air.

Here is the dress:

I like it as a dress, I will line it with a solid and the top layers will be semi- sheer with the sleeves unlined. The sleeves will have a cut out or rather the seam will be open from about
3" from the arm seam down to the gathered wrist. I  want a draw string neck line, with accent tassels which can be removed during washing. Uneven hem longer on the sides.

For those who want more coverage, I can see it being worn with a pant or short skirt:

Its pretty and feminine alone, with a skirt or with a wide legged pant.

Having fun this week, always seeing new dresses and pattern!

Its November, but my mind is Spring.
I'll keep you informed of when its available for pre purchase.





Date: 11/1/2016
It's beautiful. My opinion on the arm opening is that the opening might be better after the elbow so that the elbosw( one of our least attractive areas) is hidden. That's just me. Love your stuff.
Date: 11/1/2016
Hi Karen, Thanks for your feedback I will take into consideration how the sleeve opening affects the elbow. I have some testing to do to see how full the sleeve will be in combination to the length of the slit on the top of the sleeve. julie
they are all very bautiful
Date: 11/3/2016

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