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Posted by Julie Jennings on 10/8/2016 to Education
Hi to All,

The last post was demonstrating how to take a few paintings to create a grouping of one. I took a simple flower and placed it with a leaf painting.
I want to show you how I created a few layouts for the creation of fabric, the start of yardage, not in repeat yet.

I will start with the motif from Blog 6. I copied this a few times to make
a stripe of flowers. I purposely gave it a bend so that it would look like a spiral when it stacked, one on top of the other.
I continued to repeat the flower group and made a stripe the length of the canvas. Next I increased the scale of the stripe, notice
that one stripe is bigger than the other.
Look at the pink flower. one is bigger than the one next to it.
This would be considered a stripe and manufacturers would take this into consideration when choosing this for their garment, a
pattern piece would have to be very carefully placed.
When I design for the fashion industry I offer an all over and a stripe to give the buyer the option. Its much easier and less costly
to use an all over print. The biggest reason is that pattern pieces can be placed anywhere without regard to the pattern on the fabric.
This is my version of the stripe:

this is my version of the all-over print.

All of this using a simple flower and a simple leaf, repeated, re-colored and

Love your Art


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